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Post date: Jun 15, 2014 1:14:1 PM

2020 news letter. Hello fello members, It is time once again to renew your membership for 2020. Again this year the dues will remain the same as last year, $30. As long as we can pay the bills the dues will not change. The range was improved some last year ( 2019 ) but there is still room for improvement. Hopefully that will happen this year. It would be nice to get the old pistol range open up this year. That would allow more shooters to shoot at the same time. Skeet shooting has also increased a lot so we would like to improve in this area, any suggestions !!

This year will be the 26th for the Barney Barnhart Fishing Derby for Kids. It will be held on May 16 this year, the third Saturday in May as usual. It would be nice to make this year special but every year is special. If you wish to donate to the derby send it in with your dues. Also if you want to be a part of it let me know, we always need help.

The range was kept the cleanest ever, 2018 & 2019 this year because of special members who took their time to clean-up messes left behind by other members. This shouldn't have to happen but it does, thanks.

The more members we have the easier it is to pay the bills so if you have a friend that likes to shoot sign them up. Remember, no guests on the range. Make checks out to the Chestertown Conservation Club & send them to Mike Packer, 10 Ferris Rd., Chestertown, N,Y. 12817 email @ hank-1950@hotmail.com